A (Short) Summer in Ohio–Be A Quitter

Oh hey, y’all. So I knew that I hadn’t posted in a while, but it’s actually been six months! My bad. Let’s catch up.

While a lot has happened this spring, including more TSC Literary Salons and music projects like recording demos with Dynamic Score Records (check out everything on the Instagram by clicking here), the big catch of my past six months was booking a summer gig at Cedar Point Amusement Park–America’s Roller Coast!

It was a great work environment with tons of talented people. The people of Ohio have all my love and respect, and I had a blast playing with the boys of Bluegrass Jamboree.

Everything was going great, except I was struggling to keep my voice and body in shape because I was allergic to the environment. Yup, I was allergic to the state of Ohio.  For two and half weeks, I battled allergies. I took more meds than I ever had taken in my life. Saw multiple doctors. Even moved into two different hotels, one across town to get relief from the Cedar Point marina and one in another town altogether. I still felt awful, so I had to quit my awesome dream job.

There are lessons to be learned from this experience, even if my ego still kind of hurts. So to save you some potential heartache, check out the latest Real Talk Tuesday (#RTT) about Angela Duckworth’s definition of grit and persistence as well as the vital freedom to quit.

So tl;dr I am back in Memphis and working to bring you more content to the blog and Youtube space. Let’s make this summer a great one! 


Until next time,

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