Memphis Music Fun + New Demo Release

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!

While I don’t have a video to share this week, I do have some exciting news that’d I think you’ll enjoy!

New Band Camp Tunes!

This spring I spent some time at Dynamic Score records and emerged from the studio with a few original songs produced with the full band! It was great to bring in ridiculously talented musicians to play for this project including fiddle, bass, drums, and even steel guitar and accordion.  While this is just the beginning step for the full debut album (hopefully released Spring 2018), we came up with some amazing demo tracks for everyone to enjoy.

You can download your own copy for FREE (or name your own price) by visiting

You can also listen to it out here:


I also had the pleasure of  hanging out rooftop style with the ragtag acoustic band Shufflegrit last Saturday, playing stripped down versions of everything from Elvis Presley to Prince. I had a great time in downtown Memphis playing music at the farmer’s market and then ending my night with Shufflegrit.

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Check them out on Facebook here. You can also hear their latest tunes from their last gig at Lafayette’s here:

As always, you can find all the info about these hip shows and  events by checking out my Facebook site here. I’d love to see ALL Y’ALL there.

Until next time,

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